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Fists in Solidarity
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Meet SINC's Clients

Dittmer Ditching

Back in 1959, Dittmer established Dittmer Ditching as a high-quality, full-service excavating business for the folks of Central Missouri. Now, over 50 years later, his sons Matthew and Patrick, still provide the same quality service they did way back then. In addition to excavating Dittmer Ditching is a full-service septic system installation and maintenance contractor. Fully trained, registered and insured, you can count on Dittmer Ditching to have the knowledge and experience to get your job done right.



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Custom Site Solutions, LLC

Since December 2021, Custom Site Solutions, LLC has refurbished fuel tanks and generators for large corporate sites to ensure proper functionality. Located in Ocala, Florida, they primarily offer refurbishment in the surrounding region but also operate in much of the Southeast United States. 

Carbon Fuel Services, LLC

Carbon Fuel Services, LLC is a professional turn-key diesel, gasoline, kerosene, & aviation fuel polishing, filtration, phase separation, remediation, water removal, ASTM lab testing, fuel additive, & tank/ATG maintenance company with over 50+ years of preventative maintenance experience in the fossil fuel, mission-critical, C-store & healthcare industries.






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Chicago Style Management

Chicago Style Management was formed to assist in the investment of property in the Chicagoland area, by people who invest and live in the city.  Their logo has 4 stars similar to the Chicago flag and stands for their 4 points of emphasis: Investors, Tenants, Employees, and the City. Chicago Style Management's team manages properties, including leasing, tenant relations, and maintenance.

Precise Power Logo.png

Precise Power

Precise Power, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and established in 1978, is the nation’s most established independent service organization in the power quality arena. Precise Power supplies uninterruptible Power Supply & Battery Systems, operating in an open market environment that keeps their loyalty with their customers, rather than with a single manufacturer.

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